Commercial Potential - Early Adoption

It is entirely possible for a customer to recognize that he/she needs an invention and for him/her to be unreceptive to its adoption. For example, consumers generally recognize the need for certain food products to be sterilized, but many were unreceptive to the use of radiation as the means of sterilization. Similarly, buyers for chain pharmacies realize that their customers dislike many commercially-available, child-resistant packaging designs, but are unreceptive to new designs, in part because they would cost more, at least initially, and Medicare rules do not allow such increases in packaging costs to be reimbursed.

Manufacturers are generally most receptive to inventions that immediately reduce their costs and that generate a large (20+ percent per year) return on investment (e.g., for retooling, marketing, etc.) in a short period of time (1 to 3 years). They might need other inventions, but they rarely buy or license them.

Consider why you think customers at all levels (those who you want to invest in or buy the product) would be receptive to the early adoption of the invention.

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