Law - Abstract of the Disclosure

The abstract is a summary of the disclosure as a whole in a single paragraph of 250 words or less. In that the most widely-available patent searching software is capable of searching for patent titles and abstracts by key words and phrases, care should be taken to ensure that appropriate key words and phrases occur in patent abstracts. It should fulfill the purpose of permitting the patent office and the public to rapidly determine the nature and gist of the technical disclosure from a cursory inspection. Information in the following sections of the PCT Applicant's Guide (PCTAG) is applicable to this task:

PCTAG Vol. I/A 142 - How must the abstract be drafted?
PCTAG Vol. I/A 143
PCTAG Vol. I/A 144 - When must a figure be suggested to accompany the abstract?
PCTAG Vol. I/A 145

Information in the following MPEP sections is not directly applicable to this task. However, since PCT rules are somewhat similar in concept to U.S. rules, it is included for general reference only.

MPEP 608.01(a) - Arrangement of Application
MPEP 608.01(b) - Abstract of the Disclosure

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