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This task involves formulating a listing of the related art U.S. patents in the field of the invention. Reference should be made to specific U.S. patents, if appropriate. InPress™ Patent places this information in the Background Art section of an international patent application.

Information in the following sections of the PCT Applicant's Guide (PCTAG) is applicable to this task:

PCTAG Vol. I/A V 205 What is the purpose of the international search?

PCTAG Vol. I/A V 206 What documents are searched by the International Searching Authority?

Information in the following USPTO Manual of Patent Examining Procedure (MPEP) sections is directly applicable to this task only if the international application will form the basis of a U.S. patent application. However, since PCT rules are somewhat similar in concept to U.S. rules, it is also included for general reference.

MPEP 608.01(c) Background of the Invention

MPEP 2129 Admissions as Prior Art

MPEP 609 Information Disclosure Statement

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