Law - Best Mode of the Invention

U.S. patent law requires that at least the "best mode" of the invention be disclosed. It is prudent, however, to include in the specification at least a mention of all conceivable alternatives to the mode that is considered the best mode at the time of filing the patent application. This will make it more difficult for other inventors to obtain patents on improvements to the present invention and could facilitate obtaining broader claims.

MPEP 2165 - The Best Mode Requirement
MPEP 2165.01 - Considerations Relevant to Best Mode
MPEP 2165.02 - Best Mode Requirement Compared to Enablement Requirement
MPEP 608.01(h) - Mode of Operation of Invention
MPEP 608 - Disclosure
MPEP 608.01 - Specification
MPEP 608.01(a) - Arrangement of Application
MPEP 608.01(g) - Detailed Description of Invention
MPEP 2164 - The Enablement Requirement
MPEP 2164.01 - Test of Enablement
MPEP 2164.03 - Relationship of Predictability of the Art and the Enablement Requirement
MPEP 2164.05(a) - Specification Must Be Enabling as of the Filing Date
MPEP 2164.05(b) - Specification Must Be Enabling to Persons Skilled in the Art
MPEP 2164.06 - Examples of Enablement Issues

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