Law - Drawing(s)

Drawings are an important means of disclosing an invention. While informal drawings may be filed initially, care must be taken in following patent office rules concerning paper type and size, margins, line quality, numeral size, etcetera, in preparation of formal drawings. Information in the following sections of the PCT Applicant's Guide (PCTAG) is applicable to this task: PCTAG Vol. I/A ¶ 133 - When is the inclusion of drawings required in the international application?
PCTAG Vol. I/A ¶ 134 - How must the drawings be presented
PCTAG Vol. I/A ¶ 135
PCTAG Vol. I/A ¶ 136
PCTAG Vol. I/A ¶ 137 - How must the drawings be numbered?
PCTAG Vol. I/A ¶ 138
PCTAG Vol. I/A ¶ 139 - May a photograph be presented instead of a drawing?

Information in the following MPEP sections is not directly applicable to this task. However, since PCT rules are somewhat similar in concept to U.S. rules, it is included for general reference only.
MPEP 608.02 - Drawings
MPEP 608.02(b) - Informal Drawings
MPEP 608.02(d) - Complete Illustration in Drawings
MPEP 608.02(f) - Modification in Drawings

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